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Click here to go to the November December Historical Fiction Books Assignment.


Hey!  You can click here to go to  "Just Talk"  any time of day (or night -- except I'm giving you all a bedtime of 10:00 -- tee-hee)  and you can chat with each other.  Write your messages in the comment boxes and post them.  Remember to keep it clean and appropriate and kind.


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Claudia Dorsey said

at 10:38 pm on Apr 1, 2009

Notice that you can post comments on each page. Please post only APPROPRIATE comments and questions.

Lexi S said

at 5:51 pm on Oct 18, 2009

To: Ms. Dorsey
I finally wrote my recommendation for my book of the month for September. Sorry it took me so long I have been very busy the past couple of weeks. I also had trouble finding the wiki but I finally got here and wrote it. It is ready for you to grade.

Kryspin B said

at 11:31 am on Dec 17, 2009


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